Sunday, May 01, 2016

FW ANDROID: eOn Ui v.1.2 for Optibox EVO XFiNiTY (01MAY16)

eOn Ui v.1.2 for Optibox EVO XFiNiTY

How to upgrade:

- Prepare:

  • 1. Download the firmware.
  • 2. Put to USB stick, and rename it to

File name must be exactly 
File must be put into the root of first partition of USB stick.
On windows, the file path looks like F:\ The driver letter can be different, depending on your own computer.

- Update:

  • 1. Switch off box.
  • 2. Connect box to TV. 
  • 3. Plug in usb stick.
  • 4. Press and hold front panel key “-” (volume minus), and power on box. Until there is update like below logo, 
  • then release “-” (volume minus) button on front Panel.

  • 5. Wait until it finishes (usually it needs about 5 minutes). It will reboot automatically.


  1. EZ most Végre már JÓ és müködik is.Viszont ,még mindig valami hibás ,nem tökéletes .Ezért vissza raktam a régit...Firmware/U4/20151121/

  2. nao consigo estalar as cas do optibox xbmc androide como estalar cas servidor

  3. Does it works on T2/C Evo Xfinity boxes?

    1. I had a lot of errors with the original SW, so I installed this new one today. I can confirm (and give aswer to myselt), that it works! 👍

  4. Glad its working perfectly for you :)