Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rumor: New Xiaomi Mi Box 4 on the way

In the Chinese social networks there is a rumor that Xiaomi is working on the new model of TV-Box that will replace the recent Mi box 3 alias "MDZ-16-AA" that was launched last October, powered by a Quad Core SoC S905- Amlogic H exclusively for the Chinese market.

On Mi Box 4 there is practically only the filtered information in an informative label that mentions the new model called "MDZ-18-AA".

The rumor consist that the new Mi Box 4 will have different hardware options, with 2GB of RAM, 8GB eMMC memory and USB3.0, and it will use a Rockchip SoC, the Hexa Core RK3399, although it seems unlikely that Xiaomi will abandon the Amlogic SoC and bet on the Rockchip SoC for the Mi Box 4.

There is also also a rumor that the Mi Box 4 Mini, the Low cost version, will have a new style and will include the recent Rockchip RK3229 SoC that supports 4K 60fps. As you can see at the moment is very little information on the new model of Xiaomi.

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