Thursday, February 11, 2016

News: Intel launches new SoC-E8000 x5, x5-x5-Z8330 and Z8350

Earlier this week, Intel launched new Atom x5 systems on a chip. Two of them, Atom x5-Z8330 and x5-Z8350, are based on Cherry Trail design and produced on 14nm technology. Both chips offer slightly better performance in Burst mode than the x5-Z8300. Furthermore, their graphics unit was rebranded to HD 400, but none of its specs have been changed. Last month Intel also released embedded x5-E8000 model, which is quite different from the Z83xx series line. 

First of all, it is based on Braswell design, which was utilized by entry-level mobile consumer processors. Furthermore, the E5-E8000 has much lower base frequency than the Z8300 and low-end Celeron N37xx products. On the other side, it is much less expensive than the Celerons.

The x5-Z8330 and x5-Z8350 have 4 CPU cores, 2 MB of level 2 cache and HD 400 graphics. They operate at 1.44 GHz and have a maximum boost frequency of 1.92 GHz. The Atoms integrate dual-channel memory controller and support DDR3L-RS 1600 memory. The HD 400 GPU has 12 execution units, runs at 200 MHz and up to 500 MHz. The Z8350 has 2 Watt Scenario Design Power. It is not clear from published specifications how both models differ from each other.

The x5-E8000 is also a quad-core processor with 2 MB L2 cache. It is clocked at 1.04 GHz. Its burst frequency is 2 GHz, or almost twice as high as the base frequency. The GPU has 12 execution units and runs at 320 MHz. The x5-E8000 is rated at 5 Watt and priced at $39.

Specifications of launched processors are provided below:

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