Friday, January 15, 2016

FW E2 WETEK PLAY: MNIGMA v.0.1 for WeTek Play (15JAN16)

Experimental release of PLi based Enigma2 for WeTekPlay.

Changelog text:


- Increase compability with OEA type skins, like KravenHD etc.

WeTek OpenElec-RemoteControl

Instead of using keymap for Open Elec it would be nice if the following solution works for them, as it would make OE RC
compatible with WeTek E2 RC.


- Choose OpenElec RC from Menu=>Setup=>System=>Wetek=WeTek RC Select
- Download keymaptranslation.xml from here
- copy the above file to your WeTek (via FTP, or however) to /usr/share/enigma2
- restart enigma

Possible problem:

- The device name in keymaptranslation is not set correctly

Possible solution:

- edit the file and try with other device name, one of those in the beginning of the file should work.
If not check device names, from 'Available input devices'.

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