Wednesday, January 13, 2016

FW E2 WETEK PLAY: MNIGMA v.0.1 for WeTek Play

Experimental release of PLi based Enigma2 for WeTekPlay.

- Initial boot takes some time to prepare micro SD card for E2 and Kodi.
- By default (might change in the future and for NAND version), recording and timeshift are set to use micro SD card partition.
  EPG data uses /hdd as well as E2 Picons. All the above is adjustable from System Menu.
- In general, it is preferable to use faster media for recording. Your new USB stick might be (much) faster than micro SD card and vice versa.
- Tested with Wetek E2 remote control.
- OElec RC support still limited, but should work after selecting Elec remote from Menu-Setup-System-WeTekRC select
  and loading OElec keymap from Menu-Setup-System-Keymap.
- Oscam*-latest update only binaries, leaving your settings intact.
- Until fixed, please do NOT mount (or use in any other way) kernel partition from Setup-System-Device Mount Manager. It is a small, FAT16 
  partition (Shown 1st, with =?=) and is not of much use except for kernel.
- RC buttons assignemts were done in good faith, please feel free to change as per your pleasure in Hotkeys.
- Radio mode supported. Note that some channel lists do not include DVB-S radio (ciefp). 
- E2 based playback of recorded material with REW/FF (numercal keys; 1, 4, 7 rewind in var speeds, 3, 6, 9 do FF).
- Mnigma's native skins are MetropolisHD in two variants Dark and Light. Three native PLi skins are included as well (full HD is NOT an option for now).
- Wetek System Menu includes a tool for fine tuning AV sync. Default settings are likely to be agreeable for most cases. 
- In the same menu there is a tool that might be intersing for people with AV receivers. Switch to RAW from PCM to get multichannel sound.

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