Saturday, August 30, 2014

AMiKO A3: Spark2 Player (Android)

Spark Player is an entertainment application that works with Spark II Set Top Box AMiKO A3. With it, you can operate devices easily and enhance your TV watching experience through your smartphone.

To get started, connect your phone to the same network as your Spark II Set Top Box.
key features:
1, show your photo/video/music on TV in your smartphone with your family together warmly.
2, get the details on the program with Electronic Program Guide, while watching TV.
3, control the Set Top Box when you can not find the Box Remote Control ( :) Maybe it lost under the sofa.).
4, back up your photo/video on the Set Top Box. Maybe your like to take photos and your smartphone memory is too little(like me), or some time you just want to save photos in your private hard disk safely and privacy.

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