Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FW: Black Hole Prism 1.7.7 for Prismcube Ruby {29JUL14}

Black Hole Prism 1.7.7

Whats New:
[FIXED] Occasionally not accepting a command from RCU
[FIXED] Some minor skin confluence and aeon nox bugs
[FIXED] some minor bugs on cross epg addon
[MODIFIED] Added left and right button on Aeon Nox's numeric dialog
[MODIFIED] Faster channel list loading in WebUI
[MODIFIED] German, Czech, Slovak and Polish OSD translation update

[MODIFIED] Polish OSD translation update


» Format USB fat 32
» Unzip & copy folder 'update_ruby' to root of usb drive
» Insert usb and power on/off Prismcube
» Prismcube will check image and install
» Front display will let you know when to remove usb
» Reboot

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