Friday, May 23, 2014

FW: Black Hole Prism 1.7.3 for Prismcube Ruby {23MAY14}

Black Hole Prism 1.7.3

What is New:

[FIXED] XBMC hangup on addon browser window
[FIXED] Reloading channel list bug after changing OSD language
[FIXED] Booting failure issue when all channellogos and "ChannelLogo.xml" file are deleted in folder "channellogo" via FTP
[MODIFIED] Switching PIP screens ( live <-> recording playback, live <-> media playback in XBMC )
[MODIFIED] German and Polish OSD translation
[FIXED] OSD calibration issue on PIP
[FIXED] OSD display bug when teletext is on
[FIXED] NAS remount when IP address is changed
[NEW] Support recording on USB memory

Known Issues:

[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing

Newest changes from future 1.7.4:

webkit patched for html5 video
Add glib-networking 2.32 
[FIXED] Recording file streaming problems in USB storage
[FIXED] Starting recording on NAS with a broken connection
[FIXED] PVR features when playback recording files... 
[FIXED] Diacritic issue on NAS recording ​


» Format USB fat 32
» Unzip & copy folder 'update_ruby' to root of usb drive
» Insert usb and power on/off Prismcube
» Prismcube will check image and install
» Front display will let you know when to remove usb
» Reboot

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