Friday, April 25, 2014

FW: AB-Prismcube SFTeam Image Prismcube Ruby 1.0.0 {24ABR14}


1.0.0 SFteam
[NUEVO] Instalado Plugin SFcam
[NUEVO] Instalado Repo SFteam
[NUEVO] Instalada lista de canales Astra
[NUEVO] Instalado picons EspaƱa
[NUEVO] Instalado drivers TDT Siano
[NUEVO] Traducido Web Interface puerto 1313
[NUEVO] Traducido u-boot
[NUEVO] Nuevo logo u-boot
[NUEVO] Instalado en update lista de canales SFteam

1.6.0 Release Note:

[FIXED] PIP Channel bug in loop through
[FIXED] Displaying radio mode screen bug
[FIXED] New resolution on front panel display after adjusting resolution
[FIXED] EPG info bug when entering edit channel list from main menu
[FIXED] PIP Volume bug in Media Play
[FIXED] Reset the EPG database
[MODIFIED] Edit Channel list background and header title
[MODIFIED] Put "Extended Information" in the first position in EPG context menu
[MODIFIED] Show video id in decimal and hex, audio stereo DD info, and video resolution in service info
[MODIFIED] Allows to watch Live TV in Media
[NEW] Added PIP channel list

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing
[UNRESOLVED] HbbTV missing


» Format USB fat 32
» Unzip & copy folder 'update_ruby' to root of usb drive
» Insert usb and power on/off Prismcube
» Prismcube will check image and install
» Front display will let you know when to remove usb
» Reboot

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