Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Xfinity Manual: How to upgrade via Android.

We have a guide how to upgrade the Optibox Evo Xfinity via Android

#1 Upgrade

1. Download from website.
2. Put to USB stick, and rename it to
File name must be exactly File must be put into the root of first partition of USB stick.
On windows, the file path looks like F:\ The driver letter can be different, depending on
your own computer.


1. Switch off box.
2. Connect box to TV. Plug in usb stick.
3. Press and hold front panel key “-” (volume minus), and power on box. Until there is update
logo, release key.

4. Update starts. Wait until it finishes (usually it needs about 5 minutes).
It will reboot automatically.

#2 upgrade via menu of Android.

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