Saturday, December 21, 2013

MANUAL QVIART UNDRO: Firmware Recovery Manual

Firmware Recovery Manual


1. We need Stick USB with Fat32 format
2. We need a folder in the USB stick named “RomUpdate”
3. We need the firmware (.Bin file)
4. We rename the .bin file of the firmware to “AndroidRomUpdate.bin” and put inside the folder named “RomUpdate”
5. Qviart UNDRO box has to be unplugged from power supply
6. We press the POWER button of the box and plug the box to electricity and we wait to the following sequence of the LED: 
a. Orange
b. Blue
c. Orange
d. Blue
e. Orange
7. So in this last orange we stop pressing he POWER button, so the box remains with the LED in blue, then, it will reboot and the firmware will be upgraded to the box, so your UNDRO will be recovered

This method will always help you to recover your QVIART UNDRO from any firmware problem

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