Thursday, December 05, 2013

FW: Black Hole Prism 1.3.2 for Prismcube Ruby {05DEZ13}

Starting from this version (1.3.2) the Black Hole Prism image has switched to the new experimental development branch and for this reason, any bugs that you find in the official or development images, may also be present in the Black Hole Prism image.

Black Hole extra news: 
- Added Inadyn Client and Interface
- Removed Bh shutdown menu
- Startup scripts optimizations for better performance

Marusys news:  
- Fix Audio Track Select Error in PIP
- PIP support
- Added event 'NoService' on PIP
- Modified PIP UI
- Fixed bugs on PIP Blank
- Updated Spanish, Czech and Slovak translation
- Added 14 days EPG on live plate and extend EPG dialog
- Fixed sorting channels in channel list ( sync -> async )
- Changed channel number from 4 digits to 5 digits
- Fixed bugs on scrambled channel recording
- Only using DTS core payload when a audio stream is DTS-HD
- Improve a streaming media file play
- Added HDD sleep mode in active standby mode
- Added a splash image which appears when restarting GUI
- Changed EPG from 14 days to 28 days
- Fixed delete all recording file bugs when timeshift mode
- Added Russian qwerty RCU
- Fixed set speed bugs on playback.
- Fixed SOF process bugs on playback.
- Fixed bugs on recording about PMT version.
- Updated pvr addons in xbmc.
- pvr.iptvsample addons added.
- Fixed Fan control bug when a box is active standby state.


» Format USB fat 32
» Unzip & copy folder 'update_ruby' to root of usb drive
» Insert usb and power on/off Prismcube
» Prismcube will check image and install
» Front display will let you know when to remove usb
» Reboot

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