Sunday, October 20, 2013

Manual Prismcube Ruby: How to use the BH Shutdown menu

 How to use the BH Shutdown menu

1} Simply press the menu button and then select Shutdown menu

2} In here you have 3 options:

2.1} Shutdown: selecting this will either shutdown your box (deep standby), or will put the box into standby if deep standby is disabled in the system menu

a} if deep standby is set to ON then the box will shutdown

b} if deep standby is set to OFF your box will just go to in standby

2.2} Reboot: if you select this, your box will reboot, in other words it will shutdown and automatically restart

2.3} Restart Gui: if you select restart Gui, then your box will restart the user interface, this is a faster way to allow changes to take place without having to wait for a full shutdown and reboot

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