Saturday, October 26, 2013

FW: Black Hole Prism 1.2.1 for Prismcube Ruby {25OUT13}

Our image is based on the latest Official 1.2.1 Prismcube software and for this
reason, any bugs that you find in the official images, may also be present in the Black Hole Prism image.

Whats New ?

New bootlogo by Army
New Elmo drivers SRCDATE = "20131022"
Updated Settings Converter
Added md5sum files check in u-boot for safe flash update.
[WLAN] Added driver for Mediatek 7610U chipset (802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards)
Moved Ftp access to default port 21.
Fixed a focus bug in channel list after editing the channel currently tuned.
Fixed pincode dialog not to pop up on main menu when age limit is activated.
Added "delete all channels when removing a satellite".
Updated language packs ( German, Czech and Slovak ).
Separate services between maruapp and xbmc using systemd.
Fixed filter problems.
Fixed bugs on time setting.
Fixed progressive jpeg decoding memory consumption problem.
Updated channel logo images.
Fixed zapping bug when changing channel modes.


» Format USB fat 32
» Unzip & copy folder 'update_ruby' to root of usb drive
» Insert usb and power on/off Prismcube
» Prismcube will check image and install
» Front display will let you know when to remove usb
» Reboot

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