Saturday, September 07, 2013

Xpicons for Enigma2

Collection of Xpicons for Enigma2


You've got the following options on installing...
  1. Directly from your box, on OpenVIX you'll have instant updates and you can install them with your remote (Menu > Applications > Green Button > picons > tv-ocram....).
  2. If they are not available on your image, you can install the feed yourself, by placing the file ocram-feed.conf in "/etc/opkg" OR "/etc/enigma2/opkg" on your box. Reboot and then install the picons from the menu.
  3. Manual install with the files from the Downloads section.
    The "7z" files, are 7zip archives to be used on Windows, recommended is the 7zip program to extract them. They don't contain symlinks and will take up the most space.
The "ipk" files, are install packages to be used directly on your box. They contain symlinks and are the same as the ones you install from the feed.

Downloads (Version: 2013-09-04--19-31-59):


- black-white ( 7z | ipk )
- reflection-black ( 7z | ipk )
- transparent-black ( 7z | ipk )
- transparent-white ( 7z | ipk )


- black-white ( 7z | ipk )
- reflection-black ( 7z | ipk )
- transparent-white ( 7z | ipk )


- transparent-white-noborder ( 7z | ipk )

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