Wednesday, August 07, 2013

MANUAL GI E3HD: How to upgrade firmware on Genius E3HD

How to upgrade firmware on Genius E3HD

A: Follow this easy steps to update or change entire Enigma2 image for E3HD box 

1. To update the firmware, you need a USB flash drive formatted in FAT 32

2. Download the firmware (download here) to the desktop of your computer.

3. Extract the new firmware from the file you just downloaded, then right click and choose "Extract here" (or similar) and copy all the contents extracted to the root of the clean USB flash drive unit

4. As a result, we have a folder "e3hd" at the root of our pendrive with new firmware files.

5. Turn off the digibox with rear power switch and insert the USB drive into the USB.

6. Press and hold down the StandBy button on the front panel and switch on the digibox, when the charging led starts blinking red and green (approx. 5-7 seconds) you can release the button and wait when upload process finish to change the new firmware .

7. During this update does not turn off the power switch and do not press any buttons on the remote control, after success update the receiver restarts automatically.

After restart you can proceed to configure box from inicial state using integrated wizard or restore system settings from previously saved digibox settings.

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