Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Enigma2 Android apps

Enhance your Enigma2 experience with Apps if you have an Android Smart Phone. Lets look at some of the best tools out there.


DreamDroid is probably the most popular Enigma2 related app for Android and with good reason. DreamDroid offers plenty of tools all in one app.
You can use it as a remote app changing channels directly from your Android device. Virtual Remote Control is available.
  • Stream Live-TV or recordings to your android device using vPlayer (I had success too with MX Player) SD channels seem to work while HD may be more difficult .
  • Browse and search the EPG and create timers
  • Mange timers  (create, edit, delete)
  • Make screenshots
  • See what’s running on your receiver
  • Multiple Enigma2 receiver profiles so you can use it with more than one receiver
  • Send messages to your dreambox (receiving answers not implemented)
  • See technical information about the currently connected receiver (version numbers, devicename, tuner, network interfaces, drives)

Enigma Signal Meter

The Enigma Signal is a handy tool for fine tuning your satellite dish and LNB for optimal signal quality. If you are within WLAN range you simple check your Andriod device while adjusting the dish or fine tuning the LNB skew.
There is also a streaming and screen shot feature in this app but that requires you play some game and earn coins to activate.

Dream Music Manager

Why not turn your Enigma 2 based linux receiver into a jukebox? Using the Dream Music Manager app you can setup a playlist and control play back and maybe listen to satellite radio. There is a free version but that is very limited with how many songs/albums you can listen to. The full version is pretty cheap.
There is support for ID3-Tags (Song, Singer, Album), album cover if you have album JPG file inside the album directory.

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