Dream-Elite v.6 based on DreamOS OE2.5 for DM 520/525.

OpenViX for VU+ SOLO SE v2 & VU+ ZERO.

SatLodge v1.0 for Dreambox DM 520/525.

The New H96 MAX - H1 is a new TV Box, that comes with an upgraded Rockchip RK3328, which runs on latest Android 7.1 system. Ultra-large 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM capacity ensures more smooth and flexible operation. You can enjoy high-definition image at home.
PurE2 V6.1 for VU+ ZERO & VU+ SOLO SE/v2
ruDream v.6 for VU+ SOLO SE v2, VU+ Zero & FORMULER F3/F1.

NOS customers in the North of Portugal, will be able to increase the number of channels without the oficial Digital Box with the new digital channel grid. This means that NOS customers should automatically re-tune their TVs to detect these new channels (make sure they select digital / DVB-C channels).

OpenPLi v6.1 RC for VU+ SOLO SE v2, VU+ ZERO & FORMULER F1/F3, Wetek Play & ZGEMMA H.S/H.2S/H.2H & Dreambox DM 520/525.

The Gemini Project 3.3 for Dreambox DM 520/525.

OpenATV v6.1 for VU+ SOLO SE v2, VU+ ZERO, FORMULER F1/F3, ZGEMMA H.S/H.2S/H.2H, WETEK PLAY & Dreambox DM 520/525.